Our Plan

What is CSD's equity plan?

How did we develop this plan?

The district’s Equity Action Plan (EAP) was developed in 2018 through extensive work with multiple stakeholders, including students, parents, staff, and the Equity Advisory Council. The plan attempts to eliminate predictable patterns of academic achievement based on subgroup membership by focusing on three primary areas of improvement.

To normalize racial equity, educators and staff must develop cultural humility i.e.:

CSD Students will work to develop similar competencies.

Specifically, CSD is building our capacity to Normalize by engaging our district in Courageous Conversations, promoting racial and cross-racial affinity groups for staff and students, and conducting cross-district study circles and professional development that promote racial awareness and healing.

To organize district infrastructure for racial equity; CSD expects that our educators will: 

Specifically, CSD is organizing by building the capacity for culturally responsive teaching, developing our educators’ abilities to implement culturally relevant and culturally responsive teaching practices; and, holding educators accountable for their actions, development, and outcomes.

In operationalizing equitable, high-leverage policy and procedures, CSD has determined that our key areas of focus will be:

Specifically, CSD is implementing restorative practices to encourage equitable disciplinary outcomes, strengthening recruitment and retention efforts to increase and retain staff members with diverse backgrounds across all roles, consistently reviewing and revising school, district, and board practices and procedures to ensure equitable outcomes, and reaching out to caretakers and community in order to cultivate inclusivity and improve student outcomes. 

If you have questions about the plan, contact our Equity Director, Dr. Mari Ann Banks.

How Do We Make This Plan Happen? 

Equity Teams (E-Teams) and Affiliate Practitioners 

An integral part of our Equity Action Plan involves education leaders across the district. These individuals are deeply committed to equity work and serve in groups called E-Teams in each school and district location. This work couldn't happen without them!

Learn More about our Equity Teams' vision, mission, and goals.

See a list of E-Team Leaders by Location.

CSD's work is also supported by a powerful multicultural group that serves as Courageous Conversations About Race Affiliate Practitioners. These individuals are District leaders and examples toward best practices of CCAR methodology.

Learn More about our CCAR Affiliate Practitioners.

How Do We Make This Plan Happen? 

CSD's Do-4 Culturally Responsive Education Framework 

An integral part of our Equity Action Plan involves a culturally responsive educational mindset. This is not just a mindset applicable to teachers but to every person in our district - whether security, school leadership, classified staff, or district leadership - we all contribute to the education of all students!

The framework supporting our CRE Do-4 mindset is pictured below. Click here for framework details.

How Do We Make This Plan Happen? 

A committed and collective effort from passionate and productive people!!

When our superintendent, Dr. Gyimah Whitaker, says "all means all," she means it!

CSD employees are introduced to our approach to equity on day one; we work together to develop our knowledge, understanding, and efforts toward equity, and we do this every day to ensure excellent education for all students. 

See the links below to find out more regarding CSD's leaders for equity in education.