Good Equity Troublemakers

There are many people in the City Schools of Decatur who go the extra mile to get in the way of systemic racism and help us pay our debt to students of color. 

The CSD Good Equity Troublemaker Award is a way to honor those among us who get in "good trouble" - people who embody the charge John Lewis left us to, "Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and redeem the soul of America."

This award is given to an administrator, staff member, faculty member, or group who helps to redeem the soul of CSD by . . .

We are so proud of their work! We are even more proud to have the privilege of honoring them here with you. See below for our winners!!

Good Equity Troublemaker of the Year 2022-23


Ms. Carty is a phenom and a phenomenal educator who is the Instructional Coach at Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary. She advocates for, builds for, and coaches for equity in the truest sense. She enters spaces with probing and challenging questions that lead to deeper discussions around equity. She is what one might call a ratchetdemic educator – she is authentically and fully herself, rooted in her Jamaican culture and identity, and absolutely determined to teach truth. 

DHS Troublemakers

Dr. Lena Hamilton and Amy Judon,

Math and Reading Intervention Teachers

BHMS Troublemaker

Vivian Dawson

oakhurst ele. Troublemaker

Charles Dawson, Paraprofessional

Talley Street Troublemaker

The Diversity Activities Committee

Vivian Carter-Cain, Amy Radford, Colleen Dunbar, Shannon Brewton, Daphne Langley, Juliana Souki, Tagie Tate-Perez, Erin Williams, Ethel Johnson, Tanya Jessup, Maggie Defillipo, and Jatoria Brown.

Clairemont Elementary Troublemaker

The Clairemont Equity Team

Principal Dr. Armour, Assistant Principal Mr. Gusta, Nurse Cox, Jasmine Adams, Lori Bigham, Katie Green, Corinne Jolley, Sonja Lewis, Jillian Fowler, Tyler Mangascle, and Stacey Foster

Westchester Elementary Troublemaker

Jamie Montgomery, 1st Grade Teacher

Glenwood Elementary Troublemaker

Jill Tolsma 

instructional Coach, Equity Team Lead

Wilson center Troublemaker

Mari Ann Banks

Equity Director

Winona Park Elementary Troublemaker

Kelly Stopp, Equity Team Lead and Instructional Coach