What is the CSD equity plan?

User-friendly CSD Equity Action Plan

Full CSD Equity Action Plan - the CSD EAP is a living document that is constantly adjusted to meet the needs of our population. Incomplete areas of the plan are to be expected. If you have questions about the plan, contact our District Equity Coordinator, Dr. Banks.

How we developed this plan

The district’s Equity Action Plan (EAP) was developed through extensive work with multiple stakeholders including students, parents, staff, and the Equity Advisory Council. The plan attempts to eliminate predictable patterns of academic achievement based on subgroup membership by focusing on three primary areas of improvement.

  1. Normalize: Develop Racial Equity - Normalize racial equity by establishing it as a key value while developing cultural humility and a shared organizational understanding of key concepts related to racial equity (e.g., implicit bias, structural and systemic racism, etc.) across the district through structured professional learning opportunities. To develop cultural humility, educators must engage:

  • the ability to recognize how their ethnocentrism and cultural backgrounds shape their work with students whose backgrounds differ from theirs;

  • an understanding of the broader context of society; and

  • a willingness and ability to use strategies of cultural competence.

In developing cultural humility, our Students will engage many similar factors.

Specifically, CSD is building our capacity to Normalize by engaging our district in Courageous Conversations, promoting racial and cross-racial affinity groups for staff and students, and conducting study circles and professional development that promote racial awareness and healing.

  1. Organize: Develop Equitable Curriculum and Instruction - To organize for racial equity, we must recognize that many aspects of curriculum and instruction/pedagogy are historically based in Eurocentric principles and content and build the organizational capacity, skills, and competencies to decolonize curriculum and educator praxis through professional development. CSD expects that our educators will:

  • work from an inclusive, understanding, accepting, and nurturing position with respect to student culture,

  • set high expectations,

  • build an inclusive school community, and

  • diversify content to create and perpetuate, a just, humane, and democratic society that enables all students to succeed academically and think critically.

Specifically, CSD is organizing by building the capacity for culturally responsive teaching, developing our educators’ abilities to implement culturally relevant and culturally responsive teaching practices; and, holding educators accountable for their actions, development, and outcomes.

  1. Operationalize: Develop Equitable Policy and Procedures - Operationalize racial equity by revising, increasing, and ensuring the implementation of district-wide policy based in equity, cultural humility, and culturally responsive C&I. In creating such policy, CSD has determined that our key areas of focus will be:

  • equitable and accountable policies and practices of our education system and

  • appropriate resource allocation

Specifically, CSD is implementing restorative practices to encourage equitable disciplinary outcomes, strengthening recruitment and retention efforts to increase and retain staff members with diverse backgrounds across all roles, consistently reviewing and revising school and district practices and procedures to ensure equitable outcomes, and reaching out to caretakers and community in order to cultivate inclusivity and improve student outcomes.

For more information please visit the full Equity Action Plan.