Equity Resources By Topic

Equity Resource Highlight

This highlight is dedicated to resources that are particularly relevant to recent current events.

Education Minnesota has compiled the following lists of resources for educators and parents to help children and adolescents cope and process these and other traumatic events.

  • Day of Silence 2021 The GLSEN Day of Silence on April 23rd, 2021 is a student-led national event where individuals take a vow of silence to highlight the silencing effects of discrimination and harassment against LGBTQ young people at school.

GSA leaders, individual students, and educators should all register to receive updates to prepare lessons and activities leading up to the Day of Silence, and tips on hosting a Breaking the Silence event!

  • Asian-American Harassment related to the COVID-19 Outbreak (*currently links to an info. page on the Equity & Student Support site)

  • The Coalition to Support Grieving Students - The Coalition’s purpose is to create and share a set of free, industry-endorsed resources that will empower school communities across America in the ongoing support of grieving students.

  • Get Trained to End Harassment! - Hollaback is an awesome nonprofit working to end harassment — in all its forms. They believe that everyone deserves the resources to respond to, prevent, and intervene in instances of harassment. Therefore, they provide both customized and free anti-harassment training experiences. They have many free training sessions scheduled for March-May 2021 that speak specifically to Asian American discrimination. Check them out!

Other Topics

For resources addressing the following topics, and many more, we suggest you visit the Racial Equity Tools, GLSEN, Amnesty International, and Equity Leadership Network search engines.

  • Gender

      • Gender Fluidity

      • Boys

      • Girls

  • Sexuality

  • Whiteness

  • Racism

  • Ableism

  • Lookism (Includes Phenotype)

      • Anti Blackness

      • Size

      • Perception of Beauty

  • Religious Discrimination

    • Anti-Semitism

    • Anti-Islam/Anti-Sikhs

  • Ageism

    • Youth

    • Elderly

  • Human Rights

Don't Just Read & Watch - Reflect Then Act!

As you explore the experiences on this resource page, there are some critical questions to simultaneously ponder about equity that will help you grow, process, and take action:

    • What does what I've learned have to do with me?

    • How can I explain these concepts to my children and other young people?

    • What emotions are conjured up as I read? What’s that about?

    • What can I change about my daily behavior, relationships, policies?

    • How do I take this new learning past pontificating and theorizing?

    • How does this information connect with previous things that I’ve learned?

    • How much more is there to learn?

    • Who can I share this with?

    • Can I form a racial affinity group?

    • How can I lead my friends, family, and peers in taking up this work?

This work is complicated and twisty and involves balancing a whole lot of stuff. But if things are going to change, if things six months from now are not going to look just like six months ago, then there is hard work to do.
-Peter Greene - Curmuducation:
Six Months from Now