POC* Connection Sessions

Please join us as we meet the people who make CSD work, learn more about who they are, and discuss issues relevant to CSD's POC community.

Connection Sessions are conversations between the POC community, CSD's Equity Coordinator, and various invited guests, in which, we discuss thoughts, interests, and concerns regarding City Schools of Decatur. Each session uses a racial equity lens - always asking the question -

"What does race have to do with this?"

These sessions will not always have the answers but offer a viable opportunity to explore perspectives and share thoughts. Our first meeting takes place via Zoom May 17th @ 6pm. Each meeting can be accessed using the following link: https://tinyurl.com/2yuj2tbs

To ensure optimal time and focus dedicated to those who join us, Connection Sessions will be closed to new participants after the first 15 minutes. Upcoming sessions and links to past sessions are listed below.

  • May 17th - Dr. Maggie Furhman, Superintendent

  • June 15th - Dr. Kristy Beam, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • July 19th - Ms. Adena Walker, Director of Staff Support. Canceled due to illness.

  • August 16th - Mr. Sergio Perez, FMP, Executive Director of Operations

  • September 20th - Mrs. Frances Holt - Executive Director of State and Federal Programs

* I have always had an unarticulated discomfort with the term BIPOC and this article does a much better job than I can of detailing many of my concerns with the term. In short, I believe the term BIPOC, which stands for Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color, elevates some cultures over others in a way that is inaccurate and unhealthy. For lack of a more representative acronym at this moment, BIPOC Connection Sessions will now be referred to as POC Connection Sessions.